Director, Service Projects

Houston, TX

Most rewarding thing about working here.

Supporting veterans in finding their renewed sense of purpose and service by providing them the training, tools, resources, and opportunity to become leaders in their communities.

Job prior to The Mission Continues

Managing partner of a family-owned industrial remanufacturing business.

What is a hidden gem in your hometown?

The National D-Day Memorial located in Bedford, Virginia. It was dedicated on 6 June 2001 in honor of the D-Day invasion of WWII where, by population proportion (3,200 in 1944), the community of Bedford suffered the nation’s highest loss at 23 men on the beaches and soil of Normandy, France.(www.dday.org)

If you dined w/anyone, who would it be?

Lewis “Chesty” Puller

Which is your favorite movie(s)?

Movies are like meals – the really good experiences are worth coming back to like: “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “The Princess Bride”…and, lest we ever forget, Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Which book is on your nightstand?

“Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World” by Gen. Stanley McChrystal

What is your favorite winter activity?

Snowboarding…followed by campfire s’mores to thaw out!

What is one item on your bucket list?

The hope that one day I can safely return to the areas I deployed as a tourist…

What brought you to TMC?