Manager, Project Operations

Houston, TX

Most rewarding thing about working here.

The most rewarding thing about working at The Mission Continues is the camaraderie that is experienced while working alongside like-minded individuals/volunteers to generate and promote positive outcomes in local communities across the country.

Job prior to The Mission Continues

Director of Facilities at Harvest Bible Chapel in Lancaster, PA.

What is a hidden gem in your hometown?

Tejas Chocolate and BBQ in Tomball, it’s the best bbq I’ve ever had and they have some other tasty treats to go with it.

If you dined w/anyone, who would it be?

My grandfather, John Yoder

Which is your favorite movie(s)?

The Incredibles

Which is a song(s) that describes you?

TobyMac–Til The Day I Die

Which book is on your nightstand?


What is your hometown?

Houston, TX

What is your favorite food(s) or meal?

Anything Ethnic

What is one item on your bucket list?

Run the Badwater Ultramarathon.

What brought you to TMC?