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2022 Mass Deployment: Operation Chi-Town Salute - Chicago, IL

Operation District Drilldown – Mass Deployment 2023

Get ready to witness the power of a veteran-led community impact with our 7th Annual Mass Deployment! This electrifying team-based service event brings together veterans, local partners, and volunteers in a single city for an entire week of non-stop action.

We carefully select locations that are in need of a boost, where our resources and efforts can create sustainable change for the long-term. Since 2016, we’ve deployed over 600 veterans to major cities across the US, including Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Houston, and Chicago.

But that’s not all – our upcoming Washington, DC Mass Deployment, aptly named Operation District Drilldown, is set to be our 7th Mass Deployment,  And we’re just getting started!

Our Mass Deployments aren’t just about making a difference in the community – they also serve as an opportunity to inspire future leaders and encourage more veterans to take on new roles of service. Watch this exhilarating movement unfold as veterans as local partners and volunteers create positive change, and inspire others to serve as well!

The Mass Deployment experience is more than just a week of high-impact volunteerism in one city. It’s an investment in yourself as a community leader.


Mass Deployments mobilize veterans from across the country alongside local partners and volunteers in a single city for a week of learning, teamwork, and community impact. We select cities that will benefit from an influx of resources that The Mission Continues and our partners can provide, and that have the potential for sustainable growth—so that the impact is built to last. Similarly, for our veteran force of volunteers – the training, networking, and skill-building achieved during mass deployment serves as a foundation for continued leadership at home.

Although we only have one mass deployment per year, we have weekly service projects all across the U.S. Click here to see how you can get involved today. 

Past Mass Deployments


We’ve completed six Mass Deployments so far—in Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Baltimore, Houston, and Chicago.

Chicago, IL
Houston, TX
Baltimore, MD

Watch the impact of our work in Baltimore:

We’ve had a profound impact within our communities—read about it here: