Stepping Up to Strengthen Our Reserves

Apr 24, 2020

In the military, one of the most critical aspects of any battle plan is a strong reserve. Whether deployed for tactical, strategic or relief efforts, the ability of leaders to rely on rested, ready, skilled frontline relief is crucial to success.

At The Mission Continues, we’re taking our responsibility to prepare our reserve seriously.

While we focus on keeping safe and connecting virtually, we are also concentrating our efforts to sharpen the leadership skills of our veterans. Most of our routines have been upended in some way. In response, we have pivoted to create, modify and source content that we’re offering online for free so that users can engage when it best fits their schedule.

Our Director of Learning and Development, Heather McCarty, shares two short problem-solving trainings to enhance your skills in navigating work, family and interpersonal disputes during this time. Both topics are foundations of our in-person programs, and are available for the first time in a digital-learning format.

  • The GROW Model is an approach to decision making and problem solving that is especially helpful when you’re feeling “stuck” and overwhelmed; and
  • Effective Feedback explores best practices and methods for giving constructive feedback at work, to family and even for those new math students you may be teaching at home!

    In honor of Earth Day, hundreds of volunteers from across the nation overcame the challenges of physical distancing to make a positive impact on the planet. Our Earth Day initiatives proved so successful, that we’re continuing many of those efforts throughout the coming months. You can watch TMC Project Manager, Marv Cadet, and his wife Judith Williams-Cadet teach you how to build an in-home composting bin.

    Join TMC Alum and certified yoga instructor Allison Sage for a 15-minute guided workshop on the benefits of a mindfulness practice during this time. Learn about Allison’s journey and see more content on her website.

    To access this content, as well as videos and insight into our programs, we invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel–that we’re calling the Charlie Mike Channel. We look forward to developing and delivering additional content over the coming weeks.

    Our staff is not immune to the stressors COVID-19 has inflicted on the world. We held our annual all-team retreat this week over Zoom. While nothing replaces the joy we share during our in-person time, we prioritized connecting in new ways, made time for levity and creativity and took the time to love on each other. Our goal was to refill our reserves so that we can better serve our mission.

    We know we have to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of the ones who will need us most in the future. In an effort to clear some headspace and focus on rejuvenating during these stressful days, we’ve instituted half-day Fridays for the entire team. That means no internal meetings are scheduled after noon and our team can recharge without the demands of work encroaching on their downtime.

    Together we’re navigating unprecedented change and disruption, but we’re not allowing it to stall our progress. We’re stepping up to expand the capabilities of veterans and volunteers, deepening our understanding of the needs of our veterans and our communities and replenishing our emotional and physical “reserve.” We stand ready and willing to be there when we’re most needed.

    Charlie Mike,

    Mary Beth Bruggeman
    President, The Mission Continues