A Word From Our Gold Gala Sponsor

Oct 30, 2014

October 30, 2014
Patrick J. Sly

Patrick J. Sly is the Executive Vice President at Emerson. Emerson is a long time supporter of The Mission Continues and this year marks the 4th consecutive year as a Gold Sponsor for The Mission Continues Veterans Day Gala


At Emerson, we believe giving back is one of our most important duties. We all know that investing in our communities through service makes them stronger, more vibrant places to live and work. That’s why we’re proud to support The Mission Continues as they work to make a difference in neighborhoods around the nation, and leave a positive legacy for the latest generation of veterans.

While today’s veterans face significant challenges when they transition back to civilian life, The Mission Continues veterans persevere by channeling their inner spirit of service to solve tough challenges here at home—and they’re making a big impact nationwide. At Emerson, we’re also committed to serving our community as we work to foster learning through our schools and cultural institutions and programs; promote the health and well-being of residents; invest in the character, values and future prosperity of our youth; and support the infrastructures of our communities.

As The Mission Continues works to empower veterans through service, we’re pleased to see the results of their work in transforming neighborhoods in our own communities. Through their programs, we’ve seen veterans take leadership roles, transition into new careers, reconnect to their community and fulfill their own life goals.

Emerson is proud to stand with The Mission Continues and support the upcoming Veterans Day Gala as we all work toward a better future for our veterans and our communities.

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