The Impact of Veterans Day in 2019

Dec 11, 2019

In honor of Veterans Day, we issued a call to serve in cities across the country to make a difference, swap stories, and meet other veterans, service members and supporters in their community. Our veterans led from the front to drive lasting positive impact and showcased a commitment to continuing their service in the neighborhoods that need it most. Over the course of the month, service platoons rallied across 42 cities to participate in 74 events including projects with our partner organizations, veterans day celebrations, and service projects planned and executed by our veteran volunteers to have a direct impact in their communities.

Here is a highlight of the projects that took place in November:

San Francisco, CA

Our San Francisco Service Platoon teamed up with the NFL and Bob Woodruff Foundation for a day of impact at Alemany Farm, an urban farm offering educational opportunities and fresh produce for the local community. Throughout the course of the day the 118 veteran-led volunteers set out to: 

  • Remove over 7,000 sq. feet of overgrowth, weeds, and invasive species on the farm and orchard;
  • Restore the pathway through different planting areas of the garden; and
  • Weed, water, and compost 3,600 sq. feet of planting rows and plant 36 native-species plants in the farm’s recreation area, and more. 


Richmond, VA

This Veterans Day, the Richmond Service Platoon supported Peter Paul Development Center, a community center offering various services for the East End community including after school programs and food distribution. Supported by CarMax, over 55 volunteers joined forces to: 

  • Clear out 10 garden beds, remove trees and brush from the community garden and plant over 30 flowers and blueberry bushes;
  • Mulch the garden beds, build new benches and a rock river to improve seating and appearance at the garden; and 
  • Paint over 400 sq. feet of office space and shared center areas, remove trash from the property, and more.  

San Antonio, TX

The San Antonio Service Platoon served at Gardopia Gardens, a community garden where residents come together to transform their community through fresh produce and crime prevention programming. Over 30 veteran-led volunteers, including volunteers from CarMax, set out to: 

  • Build modern day “victory gardens,” in honor of veterans day; 
  • Harvest over 30lbs of sweet potatoes, plant microgreen seedlings,  and install a dripline irrigation system; and
  • Demolish and rebuild a new nursery and clear a new pasture for composting, mulching, and more. 

“It’s important to me that I not only continue to serve in the community, but that I also set a great example for my daughter through volunteering. I am thankful that I found the Mission Continues because you give my family and I the opportunity to give back in a meaningful way alongside other veterans.“ – Addie Russell, Platoon Volunteer 

Kansas City, KS

The Kansas City Service Platoon celebrated Veterans Day through service at Friends of Yates , a comprehensive community agency that provides domestic violence education, prevention services, youth and adult development and emergency shelter and resources to survivors of domestic violence and their families. The veteran volunteers were joined by volunteers from a local CarMax branch, and came together to: 

  • Build new shelving units and storage areas for the center;
  • Organize and help sort items in shelter storage areas; and
  • Collect and donate winter items for youth in the shelter, and more. 

“There is power in numbers, we are constantly looking to grow our team to grow our reach in the community.” – Joe Torkelson, Kansas City 1st Platoon Volunteer

Photos from other projects across the country

A huge thank you to our sponsors:

Want to join us in making a difference in communities across the country? Join us for the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service and build your legacy of service! Visit our MLK 2020 page to find an event happening near you. 

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