Women Veterans Leadership Program Preview

Raise Your Voice: Learn Skills for Leading Others to Action

In the Women Veterans Leadership Program (WVLP), you will learn the art of storytelling as an effective way to lead others towards action. You will craft your own Public Narrative, a specific storytelling framework developed by Harvard Professor Marshall Ganz that provides a roadmap for telling others not only why you are called to action, but importantly – why they should act with you. Throughout WVLP, you will attend two interactive workshops led by Public Narrative trainer, Rosi Greenberg. Rosi, a leadership development trainer and consultant, has developed her Public Narrative expertise at Harvard Kennedy School directly from Marshall Ganz. Throughout these workshops, you will:


  • Reflect on the value of storytelling as a leadership tool
  • Discover how your personal values and your unique experiences inform your authentic leadership journey
  • Learn how to craft your own Public Narrative
  • Become equipped with a transferable tool to inspire others towards action in any of the spaces you lead 
  • Raise awareness and advocate for a cause you care about
  • Build a collective network of supportive women veteran leaders


As leaders, the ability to motivate others towards action is crucial. Are you ready to act now, and help lead the charge towards gender equality in leadership attainment?

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