Application process & program eligibility


Can I be a Fellow if I am still active duty, in the reserves, in ROTC, etc?

The Fellowship Program is only open to service members who have completed their military service commitment. We recognize the vital skills of our Active Guard and Reserve service members and we welcome you to join us in service at one of our many nationwide service projects.


I’m currently on IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve). Can I be a Fellow?



I served less than 2 years in the military. Can I still be a Fellow?

We require a minimum of 24 months of time in service, unless serious injury was sustained before that date, preventing further service.I was discharged before September 11, 2001. Our Fellowship Program is for veterans who served after 9/11 only; however, we welcome the skills and leadership from veterans of all eras through our Service Platoons.


I received a General Discharge “Under Honorable Conditions,” am I eligible to apply for a fellowship?

We only accept applicants with an Honorable Discharge. There are many resources available to appeal your type of discharge. You can utilize DD Form 293(2) or you can consult your local Department of Veterans Affairs office:


I am getting out of the military soon. Can I apply now and start serving after my discharge?

Yes! You can start your application now; however, we won’t be able to process all of your application documents until you’ve discharged.


What if I am disabled or have special considerations?

Many Mission Continues Fellows in the same position have gone before you, proving that despite personal challenges, they can have a tremendous impact and successfully complete a Fellowship. If you have the need for accommodations at your fellowship, we are happy to work with you.


Can I lose my VA disability payment if I become a Fellow?

VA compensations are benefits, not entitlements, which means they are not affected by competitive wages as long as you have a service-connected rating. If your injury was sustained or aggravated through any form of military service, your benefits will not be affected by doing a Mission Continues Fellowship. Non-service connected pensions can be impacted by a change in income. Additionally, if you receive individual unemployment from the VA, that payment can be impacted. To learn more, please visit these resources or speak with your point of contact at the VA:


I currently receive SSDI. Will I lose my benefits?

You can learn more about earnings while on Social Security Disability Insurance here:
Please contact your individual SSDI representative for more information.


I’m moving to another state in a few months; can I still apply?

Yes! You should begin your application now and once you have moved, we will work with you to complete the application process and identify a prospective host organization in your new community. Fellowships can be done in all 50 states.


How long does it take to process my application?

Once your online application is completed, The Mission Continues will review it for content and completion. At that time, you will be contacted by a Veteran Outreach Specialist who will assist you with the remaining aspects of your application.


What if I don’t have a DD214?

All prospective Fellows must provide an official DD 214 that states the nature of their discharge. You can request a new copy from the National Archives. For more information, visit

Who can I use as references?

The ideal military reference is a leader who has worked extensively with you, knows your character and can speak to your desire to serve. Your civilian reference should be an employer, member of your community, teacher/professor or other supervisor who can speak to your character and strengths. References must not be family members, spouses or significant others. Also, be sure that these references are notified that they have been listed as references.


I lost my username and password to access the online application, what do I do?

Email to have your password reset and sent to you.


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About the Fellowship


How long is the Fellowship?

Fellowships are 26 weeks long, and Fellows serve 20 hours per week.


Where is my fellowship located?

Your fellowship will be unique to you! Our model relies on veterans who are ready to serve again identifying strong nonprofits in their community where they can serve again.


What kind of organization can I serve with? Can I serve with a corporation?

You must serve with a non-profit (501c3) organization in your community. We will also consider faith-based institutions, government/public service organizations and foundations on a case-by-case basis. If you have specific questions, speak with your Veteran Outreach Specialist.


What is the cost of living stipend and when do I receive payment?

Fellows are awarded a cost-of-living stipend to offset expenses while they are serving their fellowship. The stipend is variable by location, and based upon nationally developed stipend scales for service-related fellowships. Your Veteran Outreach Specialist will discuss the specifics of the stipend with you. Fellows are paid once per month, based on completion of certain benchmarks in their fellowship, amounting to six checks total during the course of a fellowship. Please note that fellowship stipends will be taxed at the end of the year. Please consult your tax professional for specific guidance regarding your level of federal taxation.


Is orientation mandatory? Where will it be held?

You won’t want to miss it! Orientation is the official beginning of your fellowship and allows you to meet the other members of your class, an important group of veterans who will be on this journey with you. The orientation will be held from a Friday through a Sunday; all travel and accommodations will be covered by The Mission Continues.


What is the MOU with a nonprofit?

The MOU or Memorandum of Understanding is a contract that outlines the responsibilities of the Fellow while serving at their non-profit host organization. It includes the quantitative goals to be reached and all necessary contact information. The MOU should be filled out by both the prospective Fellow and the appropriate contact at the nonprofit. Be sure to add as much detail as possible when listing both the roles/responsibilities of the Fellow and the quantitative goals (x amount of projects, x amount of people, x certificates, etc).


What happens after my Fellowship? Can I continue working for my host organization?

After your fellowship, you will continue to pursue your goals around employment, education and/or an ongoing role of service. We encourage you to apply for jobs in the non-profit sector, and certainly to apply at your host site if there are positions available. Most of all, we expect you to find ways to continue to serve.

You will also have the opportunity to join your local Service Platoon. This will be a way for you to stay connected to The Mission Continues, continue to serve, and network with other veterans.


Who can I talk to at The Mission Continues?

You will be assisted through the fellowship application process by a Veteran Outreach Specialist for your area.