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Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County is a growing organization. We are building our 25th home. In the next few years we plan on building 30 more in a neighborhood development program. We were founded in 1991 as an all volunteer organization. Around 2000 we hired our first staff. In 2012 we opened a Habitat Store to provide material and funding for our work,, while creating an opportunity to recycle, re-purpose and reuse house hold goods to our community. In 2015 we opened our second Habitat store. In our 2015-16 fiscal year volunteers gave us almost 9,000 hours of service. We see only growth in our mission and in our need for more volunteers. We also recognize the need to diversify our support and funding sources. In the next 10 years we anticipate adding three more Habitat Stores and developing a home repair/preservation program to serve more people in need and to increase our base of support.

Web and Data Manager

Fellowship Class

Bravo Class 2017, Charlie Class 2017, Delta Class 2017

Volunteer Opportunity and Responsibilities

• Keep current databases up to date
• Help our organization move to a new database, move records and set up the new database (switching from Neon CRM to Salesforce)
• Provide support on use of current database, learn how and teach the team how to use Salesforce
• Provide support to website issues and social media as needed
• Provide technical support to the organization as needed

Required Skills or Qualifications

o Detail-oriented
o Organized
o Computer savvy – experience with database management preferred, knowledge of code and website management and development preferred
o Able to sit at a desk all day and handle large projects

Community Impact

This volunteer will assist with our database programs, making communications between our organization and the community easier and faster. Their work on our databases will free the time of key staff and administrators to complete other important tasks that will provide support to the impact our organization has on our community. Their ability to maintain our databases and website will help us improve our community relations and further our community impact.


Katie Rickel
(425) 405-7156

Guinn Rogers
(425) 258-6289

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