Deploy With a Team of Veterans and Build a Stronger Community

In June of 2017, The Mission Continues will deploy more than 70 veteran volunteers to Atlanta’s Westside for a week-long service mission to tackle some of the community’s toughest challenges. The Westside district includes the neighborhoods of Vine City, English Avenue and Castleberry Hill. It’s home to a significant number of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and has been an influential catalyst for action from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement. The district has an undeniable rich historic culture but is also struggling with community issues such as unemployment, blight, sex trafficking and food deserts.

Using their skills, leadership and experience, our volunteers will work alongside families and community partners in Atlanta—all of whom are working together revitalize these neighborhoods through positive action and co-operation. Veterans’ skill sets can inspire residents to take pride in their city again to continue the mission after we deploy out of Atlanta. And with more than 200 active members of The Mission Continues engaged in community efforts across Atlanta — veteran leadership will be at the heart of sustaining this work long after this week of service is over.

Project Schedule

Operation Westside Surge volunteers will be in action from June 10 to June 14 at multiple locations in the Westside community. Click the links below for details about the project sites and registration information.

June 10
Mattie Freeland Park
June 11
Truly Living Well
June 12
Atlanta Beltline
June 13
English Avenue Campus
June 14
Quest Veterans Village

Volunteers are also needed to help ensure each project day is executed as planned and on schedule. Prep days have been organized at each project site in the week prior to Operation Westside Surge. Click the link below for more information and sign up details.

What is A Mass Deployment?

A Mass Deployment mobilizes veterans from across the country alongside local partners and volunteers in a single city over the course of a week-long project. We select cities with a need for revitalization and the potential for sustainable growth, ensuring our efforts and resources have a visible impact within the communities we serve. Our purpose: To seed future operations, leaders and motivate more veterans to embrace new roles of service in their community — while inspiring others to serve.

Our first deployment, Operation Motown Muster, took place in Detroit, MI in the final week of June in 2016.

Mass Deployment Roster OMM
Mass Deployment 2016: Operation Motown Muster

Operation Motown Muster took place from June 23 – 30, 2016 in Detroit, Michigan. Over the course of the week, a team of 72 veterans served alongside local volunteers at four locations across the city: Central High School, Priest Elementary School, the Osborn Neighborhood and Recovery Park. This team concentrated their efforts to help revitalize neighborhoods, parks and schools. Each day, the team deployed and executed a variety of high-impact missions including construction, landscaping, painting, and public arts projects.

Operation Motown Muster’s week of service is complete, but our long-term investment into the city of Detroit has only just begun. The veterans of the local service platoon are already hard at work, maintaining the projects created during the mass deployment, fostering relationships with our local community partners and setting the stage for future projects.

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Central High School
Osborn Neighborhood
Recovery Park
Operation Motown Muster