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Change Requires Action

Voting is perhaps the most vital expression of civil engagement in our society. Generations of Americans have fought to make voting accessible to all citizens so that their voices can be counted. We know that the risk of voting accessibility, equity and voter suppression persist in our democracy and in many of the under-resourced communities where we serve. 

As a non-partisan, nonprofit organization, we know that our system works better if ALL voices participate in the process. We are committed to support veteran-led advocacy efforts on key veteran and community issues. Improved voter engagement, education, and turnout can systematically drive increased equity, inclusion and social justice in our democracy.

We’re teaming up with some great partners: the first being When We All Vote, a non-profit, non-partisan organization on a mission to increase participation in every election and close the race and age voting gap., and the second IAVA, one of our great co-leaders in the veteran space, who focus on connecting, uniting, and empowering post-9/11 veterans. They’re focusing this election season on encouraging veterans to fulfill their duty to vote and have a great Vote Hub where you can learn more about registration and voting in your state.


Take Action

Register to Vote

Voting is one way to make YOUR voice heard on issues that YOU care about. We have teamed up with When We All Vote to get every eligible voter registered and ready to vote! If you have not registered yet, take the first step now!

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Serve as an Election Worker

Trained volunteers staff polling places during elections. Play a key role in ensuring that all eligible voters can exercise their rights. The more volunteers available, the more precincts can be open and the process works for everyone.

Learn More and Apply

Protect the Vote

Nonpartisan Election Protection volunteers like you will be voters’ first line of defense against restrictive election laws, coronavirus-related voting disruptions, or anything else that could silence their voices.


Get Informed

Learn what you need to know before the November 3rd election, like what’s on your local ballot, where is your nearest polling place, and more.

Learn More

Whether showing up at a service project in Watts or the voting booth in November, veterans are ready to lead.

As a veteran and an immigrant whose birthplace was torn apart by conflicting geo-political ideologies, I experienced first-hand the price and cost of lacking robust and healthy civic discourse. I believe with every fiber of my being that my civic voice matters, that my service to this nation by leading and engaging others in this year’s election can and will help determine the trajectory of our nation for decades to come, and whether I can honestly look to my daughter and every child I know and say – “I have given and done all I could to give you a better future.”

Linh Thai, US Army Veteran

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